10 Unique Decorative Stained Glass Sculpture for sale in the US | Vidrian Glass

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10 Unique Decorative Stained Glass Sculpture for sale in the US | Vidrian Glass

Oh, art and it's different expressions!

Maybe you're here because you had heard about stained glass and its sculptures but, you don't know how to use it. 

Or - maybe, just maybe -, have you disregarded it without getting the full picture of the beauty, work and passion that this form of art incorporates?

If you are an art lover, a collector or a designer, take this article as an invitation to give a second glance to stained glass shapes and uniqueness. Then, we promise you'll find out how to make your places look modern and incredible. 

If, by now, you’re still not convinced enough about getting a few stained-glass sculptures. Don't get worried, sit down and we will convince you.

Stained Glass Sculpture for Sale and their Background 

If you’re living in the United States and have the will to redesign or decorate a property, office, lobby, etc., this is the place to be. 

Nowadays, fire, stained glass or vitrofusion type of art it's used by many different interior designers to make spaces look and feel elegant, modern and creative. 

When on the task of decorating a place, we constantly filled ourselves with questions, such as: 

  • Where can we get the best artwork?
  • What sculptures could be useful for the rooms?
  • Which form of art will suit the rooms the best? 

Also, most of the times, we may face the problem of not having enough time to look at the answer to those questions. 

But, there's always a solution. You don’t have to worry anymore! The Internet has its ways to fix your issues and has got you to Vidrian Glass. Will give you the ease you need to meet your expectations!

Let's end the chit chat now and let's go! 

10 Unique Decorative Stained Glass Sculpture for sale in the US

1. Sculptures for empty spaces. 

Everyone has those empty places that make everything look like something is missing. Besides, most of the times, you have no idea what to fill it with. 

Well, take a look at this artwork, from our Flower Vases collection

Craft with the stained glass technique and painted with acrylic, this vitrofusion piece will make your rooms scream modernity and creativeness. 

These small and minimalist works will turn the atmosphere of your rooms from boring and old to fresh, bright and peaceful.

2. Glass sculptures to decorate your room. 

More than a decoration for your living room, this art piece will work in all the places you could think about.  

Feel free to place it on your tables, in your office or your nightstand. It'll bring elegance and creativity everywhere it goes.

If the space you need to decorate is open and well illuminated, let us tell you, you'll feel comfortable and amazed by everything it will add to it.  

3. Glass Banisters. 

Honestly, most bannisters look kind of boring and, sometimes, can take away the grace from indoors; mostly, when not used properly. But, don't get sad, there's a few out there, almost as incredible as the one we're about to show you. 

Take a look at the stained glass sculptures and artwork around the following banister, doesn't it look more exciting?

Also, we recommend you to take a look at this blog. You'll find great advice on how you can decorate without unnecessarily overload places. Click here if you'd like to know a bit more: Decoratualma.

4. Decoration in empty spaces. 

Empty spaces on walls are tasteless. It's better to avoid them at all costs when we're decorating (tip: without trying to overload them). Usually, we would fill the rooms with a bunch of different types of artworks like paintings, but how about using a few glass sculptures?  

Now, we'll tell you exactly which ones will do the job! 

Remember, subtlety is important but making the right artwork pick is what will change the look of your spaces. 

Do you need to know more? Get some extra advice, by visiting Cutypaste blog. We assure you that they'll explain this topic it very well. 

5. Stained glass sculptures in gardens. 

Yes, just as you read.

Nowadays, it doesn't matter if you are not one of those who love to have a well-kept and beautiful garden. To get a beautiful house you'll need a beautiful backyard or front house garden.  

As a result, to get a greater impact on those who look at your place, you'll have to add some stained glass ornaments. That will highlight it's designed and give it a touch of modernity. 

We're sure those flowers will look amazing by the side of some sculptures. 

Haven't you dream of a work of art garden? Then do it! Take a look at this example and to get inspiration.

6. Night tables. 

Before, we mentioned the bedside tables and we just couldn’t leave night tables aside. I mean, we have a whole section dedicated to them where you can choose a piece according to your taste.



These type of night table is very useful. Leave the simple wooden and plastic bedside tables aside and choose a painted customized version. 

Have you imagined what your room will look like with it by the side of your bed when you open the windows and the sunlight invades it? Simply beautiful!

Let fire art do wonders for you! 

7. Interior design. 

To renovate or design you got to have a vision of what you want. If not, you can always look for inspiration to have ideas. 

On this segment, we decided to show you a few properties decorated using stained glass sculptures. 

We're sure that your creativity can overcome any barrier. So, be free to get the inspiration you need to craft brand new spaces in your home. 

Do you want to know more a bit more about it? 

The artist that created this stained glass artwork, is the same that worked on the famous Venezuelan houses Ranchos de Chana (Margarita), Vivian Sánchez.

All the pieces you see, are customizable to the place you want to decorate. That means, there will be no other pieces like the ones you would get, in the world.  

8. Paperweight. 

The next decorative stained glass sculpture represents the final touch you need to add in your office, dorm room, hall, lobby, etc., for amazing looks.  

Small and chic, this stained glass paperweight made by Vivian Sánchez, a famous vitrofusion Venezuelan artist, is the delicate and creative artwork you were looking for your design. 

It resumes nowadays, modern design wish list: simplicity, elegance and minimalism. 

The best part is that it's exclusive, exotic and not expensive at all. 

Give it a try!

9. Room decoration. 

The moment you've been waiting for is here, the living room. In Vidrian Glass you will find a design, that's great to complete the place where you will receive all your visits. 

Get risky, modern and elegant. Nowadays the best way to make a place look great, it's by adding delicate and refreshing stained glass sculptures.

10. Glass decoration.

After talking about almost all rooms, we couldn't finish this top 10 unique decorative stained glass sculpture for sale in the US without talking about the decoration you can give to your kitchen. We know that the kitchen is the delicate and sacred space of any house, so as always, our advice is not to overload it. 

As a result, we'll help you get a great design by telling you how to get the best of a house essential: the windows. 

Take a look at these amazing and modern stained glass window designs for indoors. 

Assuredly, the kitchen will look out of this world if you get to add such stained glass beauty. 

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